Disorder Disorder
Ulterior Motives in Contemporary Art

14th August – 14th November 2010
Penrith Regional Gallery & The Lewers Bequest

Curated by Izrock and Monster Children Gallery’s Joseph Allen, Disorder Disorder will showcase work by Australian, Japanese, American and European visual artists whose practices engage with, and emerge from, their involvement with street and popular cultures. Artists whose work has evolved within graffiti, skateboarding, tattooing, comics, surfing, commercial art, heavy metal and computer gaming will be featured.
Disorder Disorder will introduce a wider audience to these niche areas, areas that are thriving in many parts of the world but are still relatively under the radar in Australia. This will be the first large-scale exhibition of these artists, and the art of these sub-cultures, in an Australian public institution.

Artists included are:

Jacob Ciocci (Paper Rad) (USA)
Tomoo Gokita
Mark Gonzales
David Griggs
Misha Hollenbach
Brendan Huntley
Chris Johanson
Anthony Lister
Stefan Marx
Marcus Oakley
Mike Giant
Conor O’Brien
Shannon Peel (DMOTE) (Australia)
Stephen Powers (USA)
Ricky Swallow (Australia)
Ed Templeton (USA)
Mark Whalen / Kill Pixie (Australia)
Oscar Wright (Australia)
Jonathan Zawada (Australia)

By bringing together international and local talent, this exhibition will open up cross-cultural comparisons and connections, both geographically and across sub-cultural interests, providing a fresh, dynamic and challenging exhibition for Australian audiences. The exhibition will also provide stimulus to re-evaluate youth and street cultures, ideas of ‘high’ and ‘low’ art and our everyday experience of urban and suburban environments.
As part of the project Penrith Regional Gallery & The Lewers Bequest will commission site-specific works by Stefan Marx and a workshop residency with Stephen Powers. A comprehensive colour catalogue including a text by Dr Alex Baker and a suite of education and public programs will support the exhibition.